When you ask a typical retailer about their sales figures, they might tell you about tens of thousands of transactions going through their tills in a year.

Ask Amazon the same question and the answer is on a rather different scale. “Amazon reached a milestone in the run up to Christmas when more than one million units of fashion products – including watches – were ordered by customers in a single week,” the company’s watch buying team of Julian Exposit-Bader and Gemma Miskimmon recall.

One million units in just one week. Mind-boggling.

The watch team has been growing this year, and making a healthy contribution to the wider fashion business of the online colossus. “Amazon continues to invest in its fashion business and, as a result, we have been able to grow our team. We are working closely with our editorial team and the look and feel of the site continues to improve, reflecting the quality of the brands with which Amazon now works,” Julian and Gemma explain. The watch line up has seen the addition of new and exciting brands from niche Swiss to well-known luxury and fashion brands.

“We want to continue to make Amazon the best shopping destination for watches,” they say.