In this day and age there are a million possible whizzbang opportunities for businesses to take advantage of. But when it comes to picking which are the right ones, sometimes that old retail adage of ‘the customer is always right’ comes in handy. And it was by listening to his customers that Matt Warren secured a 240% sales uplift for Jura Watches.

Whilst analysing sales through its website, Matt realised that more than 30% of the traffic was coming from mobile phones, but the site just wasn’t equipped to provide them with a pleasurable browsing experience. Cue the launch of a dedicated site, and almost instantly sales conversions leaped by that impressive three-figure percentage.

“With more and more of our customers using smartphones as their default device, this year we have been working on making our online content mobile friendly and help us towards our goal of being of the number one online luxury watch store,” says Matt, who adds that the next stage of e-commerce development will be the addition of value-added content such as watch videos and regular blog posts.

And the investment in digital does not stop there. This year Matt has launched a brand new business designed not just to help Jura’s online fortunes but those of other retailers.

“ is a web-based system for multichannel retailers to manage their sales and stock through their website, Amazon, eBay and their retail store,” he explains. “With Jura we struggled to keep track of sales from different sources and to get accurate stock levels across the whole business. We found no existing solution that did everything, so I built Veeqo, which is now being used for hundreds of retailers.”

Sometimes giving back offers its own rewards.