Robert Ungar admits his business did not rush headlong into the digital age. The family jeweller, which has been based in Northwest London since 1922, set up a new electronic point of sale system and web site this year, which provides a sales platform for selling second hand watches and, “brings the business kicking and screaming into this century,” Robert says.

It is surprising that Robert has waited so long to join the 21st century, because outside of work he is a thoroughly modern man with a considerable appetite for risk. His current hobby, longboarding (downhill skateboarding), sees him hurtling down roads at speeds of up to 30 mph, and he discovered this year that, “using your body as a brake is a bad idea.”

Pre-owned watches are expected to contribute a growing proportion of sales for CS Bedford this year, joining a line up of luxury watch brands that includes Breitling, Omega, Longines and Raymond Weil.

“We want to build on the second hand market, improving overall knowledge of vintage timepieces among our staff,” Robert says.