Asked to describe each other, this dynamic duo who head one of the UK’s biggest watch-buying teams, are remarkably in sync. “We’re both always right,” Kelly jokes. “We are both passionate about watches and stubborn in our behaviour.”

“Kelly is tenacious, creative and thorough,” Ron echoes. “[We are] Hinge and Bracket,” he continues. “Good cop, bad cop… I’ll leave it to you to work out who is who.”

Ron and Kelly are key operators in Signet’s UK’s business. Kelly says she is motivated by the people around her to keep striving for even better. Her goal this year is to: “Continue our success and to keep enjoying what I do – working for a great company, dealing with some amazing people and brands. I’m very lucky to be working in this industry.”

Ron adds: “Our aim is to replicate and be as successful as we have over the past year; to be proud of our stores, our people and our performance.”

That success won’t come without the odd disagreement along the way, Kelly hints. “Ron is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to watches, he knows everything! He is gregarious (some might say loud!) and very creative (always one for thinking outside of the box!). This sometimes creates fireworks but we always end up with the right decision which helps to drive our watch business forward,” she says.