It’s hard to beat Buckinghamshire’s Stoke Park for its sophistication, luxury and attention to every detail for its guests. It could almost be a metaphor for Patek Philippe watches, which is perhaps why the company’s UK brand director Adrian Lurshay is such a fan of the country club and hotel.

Unwinding at Stoke Park’s pool and gym is a ritual for Adrian, and richly deserved during a year when he has overseen a strong year of sales for the Swiss maker celebrating its 175th anniversary. He also oversees marketing for the brand, so the hugely successful Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition in London was very much his project.

The focus over the past year has been on promoting Patek Philippe’s unique Grand Complication watches, not only to wealthy foreigners who come to the UK to shop, but also to British residents who could become life-long collectors. “Patek Philippe has always been a leader in the field of Grand Complications with a strong demand for minute repeaters, split second chronographs and perpetual calendars. It is very satisfying to see sales grow in the UK and Irish markets, from which many sales have been to local customers, which is important, as it is one of the aims of the company to build a strong network of local collectors,” Adrian explains.

Patek Philippe’s loyal retailers have been instrumental to this success, and Adrian is keen to keep improving these partnerships. “We are fortunate to work with the finest retailers and together we have developed a very strong market for the brand. This has been paramount to the success of Patek Philippe in the UK and Ireland,” he says. “Patek Philippe’s international training programme for retailers has been very successful and ensures that all customers are looked after by knowledgeable confident sales staff who are able to offer an excellent customer experience,” he adds.

Success runs in the Lurshay family, and the next generation is already making an impact. “My daughters have all made me proud in the last year. Two are at university reading pharmacy and chemistry and the youngest achieved a scholarship at an excellent school. Most importantly it is very satisfying to see them happy, doing well and enjoying life,” he reveals.