How does someone who has the workload that comes with running a successful high street retail business relax in his spare time? He plays indoor football every Thursday of course. At least this is the approach of Ashley Pugh. How and why does he find the time for this?

“I am very fortunate and have a very understanding wife,” he jokes. “The football is a hangover from my younger days. I find it keeps my fitness levels up chasing all the youngsters around the pitch!”

This physical and mental health has been crucial during a period of relentless growth and expansion for W Bruford. Having opened up a third store last year (the impressive Pandora concept store), Pugh is now working on developing other parts of the business.

“We have expanded our head office team with the introduction of new positions, such as an in-house events and marketing co-ordinator, along with an HR co-ordinator to deal with the extra staff.”

With an Ashes series coming up in England, the back pages will be filled with talk of half centuries over the summer. But it is a different sort of 50 that Pugh is about to reach, and it has led to some reflection and introspection in his life.

“As I am just about to turn 50 next month I have spent this last year thinking about life and my achievements so far and where we are as a family,” he muses. “Having opened our third and final store last year it sort of feels that I have reached my goal, which was to have a business set up for each of my three children.” Who doesn’t love a happy ending?