Marie has come a long way geographically and professionally from her early career promoting upmarket restaurants in Dallas. Her first major role this side of The Pond was at Sequel UK, where she headed the sales marketing team responsible for brands like Guess watches to the fashion trade.

Leaving the security of a salaried position is a big step, which Marie has never regretted since setting up her eponymous agency in March 2013. A little over two years later, she has moved into new offices in Soho as her team and the number of brands in her portfolio has grown.

Expand or die is a well worn business mantra that Marie doesn’t dismiss, but adds: “With a bigger and dynamic team, we’re in pole position to continue our growth and service to our current and future clients, but our goal is to stay boutique, offering real quality service to the luxury and accessories industry.”

Marie describes herself as an upbeat person in and out of work, but the stress of running a small business finds her embracing nature and her spiritual side for comfort. “Plants give off natural oxygen, creating a sense of calm and energy so we always have fresh ones in the office. It brightens up any day! I also find prayer and meditation enormously helpful if I have a problem I just can’t see the answer to,” she explains.