When it comes to defining business success, words are wonderful but numbers rarely lie, and Steve Brydon has some pretty impressive figures to tell us about.

“We have driven a 46% like-for-like growth across the nine brands that make up our company’s portfolio in a market that grew by 7%,” he states. “The growth we have enjoyed has allowed us to invest more heavily in supporting, advertising and promoting our brands further still. We have had to recruit and increase the size of the teams on our Coach, Boss and Movado brands and further support our other brands by increasing the visual merchandising team by 20%. We have doubled the size of our overall business in the last four years and our intention is to do this again over the next three.”

As well as running a tight ship when it comes to all the traditional distribution models, Brydon and his team have also chalked up successes with some more experimental initiatives, such as its H1 Club that rewards golfers who achieve that Holy Grail of shots with a watch. “We have gifted over £1 million worth of our specially commissioned H1 watches to golfers in the last two years and the return on the investment has been wonderful,” he explains. “We have over 7,000 members and over 1,800 clubs take part.”

Despite playing golf for 14 years, Brydon has never achieved a hole in one, and so is yet to receive his watch. “It makes me grin every time I go into the safe and look at the H1 watch, knowing I created the concept and I do not own one,” he chuckles. “I refuse to take one out of the box until I win it fair and square.”