For Gavin Crilly-McKean, motivation and communication are two of the key tools for business success.

“People will sit up and take notice of you, if you will sit up and take notice of what makes them sit up and take notice!” he smiles, quoting Harry Selfridge.

When asked who he admires most, Gavin responds: “Branson. He has a very inclusive approach to ensuring everyone in the organisation feels part of the success – a great motivator and brand builder.”

This positive outlook also enables Gavin to take a proactive approach to challenges, and this has resulted in several significant business achievements during the past year. Taking advantage of opportunities surrounding the resurgence in premium fashion labels, the Versace and Versus brands performed above expectations, for example. Timex also achieved distribution growth, and developed a strong channel segmentation strategy in the UK to bring about a step change in consumer engagement.

“The biggest lesson I have learned this year is about the rewards you can achieve by really focusing on your consumer, in terms of what they want and how they like to be engaged. This is key for me going forward,” he adds.

For the years ahead, Gavin’s business objectives include growing talent locally and continuing to increase market share across the UK and EMEA. “Plus world dominance,” he adds. “Or at least having fun while trying!”