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For Mohamed Ali Master, the key to success is having a great team of people around you. “Too many organisations, teams and individuals use fear and disappointment as their motivational tool – what you need is optimism, love, a truly shared vision and complete openness with those key individuals in your team,” he elaborates.

And the proof is in the pudding – in the past year he has been able to develop a more robust channel strategy for a sustainable and profitable presence across brick, click and flip routes to market, as well as helping to launch Inter City Group’s (ICG) own brand, Daisy Dixon.

A movie partnership with Batman v Superman in the UK also delivered unprecedented growth for the Police brand. “It was the cherry on the cake of a fantastically successful year of business at ICG!”

But Mohamed also has another team that supports him each and every day – at home. “There is a small group of four people who are the inner sanctum and primary driver of everything I do. These four people may not see much of me during the week, however for the last 17 years we have gathered together every Friday for a pizza night.

“When your greatest personal achievement is recurring moments of simplicity, shared with those who mean the most to you, then every day is a blessing and an honour,” he says.

Indeed, family is central to Mohamed’s life, and working at ICG has also enabled him to give something back to his father, who travelled to England from India and worked tirelessly to bring his wife and children to join him and to give them a better life. In order to raise the funds he was forced to sell his Roamer watch – a timepiece that Mohamed was proud and humbled to replace 35 years later for his father’s 66th birthday. “He accepted the watch with tears in his eyes, and the circle was completed.”