“Enjoying a fine cigar after a long day is always relaxing,” says Sandy Madhvani. And after the busy year he’s had, he certainly deserves it. For a start, he was proud to add to his level 4 watchmaker training by completing an exclusive advanced course on chronographs and minute repeaters hosted by Patek Philippe – a brand he has worked with for over 20 years.

But the training didn’t end there – embarking on a period of introspection also allowed him to make improvements to his management style. “Sometimes it’s good to reflect on your own personal strengths and weaknesses and I believe it takes a strong character to be able to make changes. My team has since seen a new style of coaching and mentoring, which proves that no matter our age we are all able to adapt to the demands of the modern world for a better working environment and for progress,” he explains.

And progress is something the team has also seen, with the relaunch of the David M Robinson (DMR) Canary Wharf showroom. “Having spent nine years at Canary Wharf working hard to grow the business during somewhat turbulent times in the financial hub of the capital, it’s been very exciting to see us push forward, developing our sales team and actually having some fun with our loyal clients!” he enthuses.

Looking ahead, Sandy is excited to see what the future holds: “Canary Wharf has so much energy surrounding it, and Crossrail and other future developments are sure to help it grow to new heights. I am proud to be part of this campaign; my job is more like a hobby I do daily.”

The year has not only been spent on business progression, however. Madhvani has also been working hard in his spare time as a charity worker, and, with the Lions Club, succeeded in raising funds to build a hostel for girls in India. “It was one of my proudest moments when I took my family to open the hostel and saw over 200 children celebrating. I have a tear in my eye when I think how this has changed lives for the girls who had been orphaned but will now have an education and a safe place to live.”