The downside of Steve Brydon’s work ethic is that he usually finds himself only able to gaze longingly at his fishing rod, gun and golf clubs. The upside? Well, there are quite a few of those.

In the past year, MGS has achieved huge growth, finishing 2015 at +46% in a market that grew at 6.7%. This is in part thanks to his focus on staff development and succession planning, which has brought benefits to the company and individuals alike.

“The business is growing so quickly that I have to rely on the team. I have put a great emphasis on developing this aspect of the business over the past 12 months, and seeing staff become both independent and interdependent has been incredibly satisfying,” he explains.

In fact, MGS’s business has more than doubled in size every two years for the past eight years – a trend that Steve is keen to continue going forward. He and his team have already created a full 360-degree, multi-million pound marketing campaign to support the planned introduction of the Movado watch brand to the UK. “Sometimes it appears that we are lucky, but the harder we work the luckier we get,” he reasons.

Drawing inspiration from some of the world’s most concise and captivating writers and speakers, such as Stephen Covey and Winston Churchill, Brydon never rests on his laurels.

“I am very driven and always try to leave no stone unturned, but I like to think that I don’t take myself too seriously,” he adds. “Having fun and enjoying what I do is crucial to my life. When I stop enjoying it, it will be time for a change.”