After a stellar career that has included heading sales for Vertu phones worldwide, and leading Swatch Group in the UK, Giles Rees could be forgiven for slowing down the pace of his home and business life.

No chance, we discover, as this serial entrepreneur lists his achievements of the past 12 months. Not only is he steering his four sons through adolescence into adulthood, he has also seen his fledgling company Luxury Degrees score some considerable victories.

His greatest satisfaction has been the reintroduction of JeanRichard into the UK, which was overseen by his luxury goods distribution and consultancy company. “Launching the rejuvenated brand JeanRichard in the UK market with distribution in Harrods and Ernest Jones, while also building the brand profile through its involvement with the BNY Mellon Boat Race and Arsenal Football Club,” was a considerable task, he recalls.

The successful relaunch of JeanRichard, particularly its high profile association with Arsenal Football Club, is a template that Luxury Degrees intends to replicate with additional high end watch brands. “We are bang on target in terms of what we want to achieve, because if we do a good job with JeanRichard it will be good to replicate it with other brands,” says Rees.