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Fifteen years after joining Zeon Watches as a sales rep, Simon Gilham was appointed as the company’s Managing Director. “Seeing my career grow with the same company is one of my greatest personal achievements,” he enthuses – and rightly so.

This rapid climb to the top of the ladder is illustrative of Simon’s clear focus and determination to succeed – with failure never an option. Indeed, he draws much inspiration from the work and words of Steve Jobs. “It’s his unfaltering attention to detail and pursuit of achieving his goals that I admire most. One of my favourite quotations from him is: ‘Great things in business are never done by one person – they’re done by a team of people.’”

Indeed, one of his biggest business achievements in the past 12 months has been the building of a dynamic, talented and motivated team of people to push Zeon on into a bright future.

“In the last year I’ve laid the foundations and strategy for the growth and success of Zeon, as well as spearheading a complete overhaul of our Ingersoll brand. Our WatchPro Hot 100 photoshoot was actually inspired by the current Ingersoll marketing campaign, using traditional TinType photography!” he adds.

Applying the knowledge he has gained during this process, Simon’s key goals for the forthcoming few years are to establish Ingersoll as a global lifestyle brand and maintain the position of Zeon as a premier, globally recognised licensed watch partner.

“I’ve learned that you must have the courage to make changes and embrace change for a better future.”